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Gears That Won’t Let You Down

When you need your machines to function smoothly, every little part needs to be of the highest quality. This is exactly why the team at Midwest Gear and Machining Inc. in Kansas City provides you with the best gears and gear service.

  • Spur

  • Precision

  • Helical

  • Bevel

  • Worm

  • Internal gears

  • Spline shaft hobbing

Gears that we service and manufacture

If you have agricultural equipment that needs repair parts, count on us to manufacture the parts you need. You can also come to us for replacement parts, construct, and ACCO.


Whatever type or size specification you have in mind for your gear demands, we can help. External up to 24 inches in diameter,

12 inches in thickness; internal up to 18 inches in diameter,

5 inches in thickness - we'll have it all done for you.

Superior additional services

When you combine high quality and experience, you get impressive results!

Call: 913-621-2933

We can provide you with the right shape of gear for the job. Get the exact custom shape from us that you require today!

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